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Terrace Awnings – a wide selection of solutions and styles to suit your needs.

At the Commercial Awning Company, we have a thorough understanding of our customer’s needs. One things for sure, is that terrace awnings have become more and more popular among businesses in the hospitality industry, such as restaurants, pubs, and bars, who want increase customer footfall by creating outdoor seating. Outdoor street dining is here to stay and to cater to this growing demand, we offer a wide range of terrace awning solutions from modular to fixed, that maximise your outdoor seating options.

Our Pratic Opera Terrace Awning System presents two versatile options: a fixed (wall-mounted) configuration or a modular design that can be expanded to cover even the largest spaces. This system features a fully retractable roof, allowing you to adjust the amount of sunlight or shade as desired. For increased intimacy and protection, transparent screens can be added to the awning. Furthermore, the Pratic Opera Terrace Awning System boasts exceptional durability, with the ability to withstand rain and wind speeds of up to Beaufort scale force 8, making it a robust all-weather solution.

For those seeking a stylish outdoor terrace system, we offer the Pratic Nomo. This eye-catching framework can be either free-standing or wall-mounted, providing excellent protection from the elements. It combines aesthetic appeal with functionality, ensuring your customers can enjoy the outdoor seating area comfortably.

Popular Shop & Retail Awnings:

Modular & Fixed Terrace Solutions


Key considerations when choosing Terrace Awnings

for many years, the Commercial Awning Company has been providing terrace awnings to pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants. Our extensive experience guarantees that your project will be designed and installed to the highest standards. Below are some crucial factors that you should take into account.

Pub & Bar Awnings: Features & Benefits

  • Stylish designs: Terrace Awnings provide shelter and shade for outdoor dining and seating areas, enhancing the comfort of patrons.
  • Styling options: Choose from a variety of styling options to match the ambiance of your terrace, whether it’s cozy and intimate or spacious and modern.
  • Durable materials: Built to withstand the elements, these awnings are constructed with durable materials, ensuring long-lasting protection and functionality.
  • UV protection: They offer protection from harmful UV rays, helping to prevent sunburn and skin damage.
  • Branding options: Take advantage of branding opportunities with custom printing options, effectively promoting your establishment and increasing visibility to passersby.
  • Unique pattern printing technology: Our unique pattern printing technology allows for customisable designs, including logos, graphics, or patterns, helping your terrace stand out and attract customers.
  • Outdoor Space: Expand your outdoor dining and seating area with covered spaces shaded by Terrace Awnings, accommodating more guests and increasing revenue potential.

Maximising your area?

When selecting a terrace awning system, it’s crucial to choose one that meets your needs and maximizes the area you want to cover. Modular systems such as the Pratic Opera allow for flexibility and easy extensions. For fixed solutions, it’s important to determine the ideal distance for coverage from your structure. The Markilux Commercial Pergola is capable of covering impressive distances, ranging from 3 to 6 meters.

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Modular or Fixed?

When deciding on a terrace solution, you should consider the available space and your building. Modular systems offer flexibility as they can be fixed or free-standing and are best suited for larger areas that may require expansion. The Pratic Opera is a stylish and sturdy free-standing terrace awning option that features a horizontal roof vane system, which automatically adjusts to provide shade from the sun. Fixed modular solutions rely on the building structure for support.

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Enhancing the outdoor dining experience can be achieved with a range of accessories. We offer a comprehensive selection of options to improve the overall experience. Our Robust Parasol and Streamline Parasol are a simple and stylish alternative to a terrace awning and offer excellent branding opportunity. Likewise, fabric barriers like our Classic Fabric Barrier and our Wallstreet Fabric Barrier make practical sense by marking out dining and drinking zones, while again also offering excellent branding.

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