SQ2 Folding-Arm Awning

Sophisticated and seamless a hidden gem

The SQ2 Folding-Arm awning has been designed to recess seamlessly inside a shopfront. When the awning is retracted, the only visible evidence of an awning on the outside is the flat fascia panel. As you can imagine, this beautifully ingenious awning is a popular choice with architects and designers.

Integrating an SQ2-style awning solution is easier when a property is in its design stage, where we are able to work with the architect. In terms of style options, the framework can be powder-coated to any RAL colour and offers excellent branding opportunity along with the awning’s fabric which comes in a variety of colours.


The SQ2 Folding-Arm Awning

1: roller    2: cloth cover    3: lath    4: arm    5: bracket

Maximum width: 6m      Maximum projection: 3.5m (subject to fixing height)      Pitch: 10° to 30°

Arm & Bracket Options

Style Options


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