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Shop Awnings & Canopies – we offer a wide range of styles and products

The Commercial Awning Company really understand the High Street and what works well when it comes to an awning for your shop. Having worked with a wide variety of independent shops, from butchers and bakers, to candlestick makers, we know what works for retailers – an awning that will create interest from the casual shopper and visually enhances the identity of a trader.

The Commercial Awning Company have been designing and fitting awnings for many years. From contemporary through to traditional style, we have solutions that can match your imagination and brand. There is also fantastic scope for customisation that will make your awning really stand out.

Based on your ideas, we can design your perfect awning or we can collaborate with your design team. We are also experienced in working with established high street brands and retail chains. We can ensure that the awnings for each location are designed, built and installed to the highest professional standard.

Popular Shop & Retail Awnings:

Traditional Style

Contemporary Style

Key considerations when choosing Shop Awning or Canopy

The Commercial Awning Company have been supplying awnings to shops, retail chains and retail parks for over 10 years. We have a wealth of experience that will ensure your project is carried out to the highest standards. The sections below are some key considerations you will need to think about.

Shop Awnings & Canopies: Features & Benefits

  • Stylish designs: Shop Awnings & Canopies enhance shop front presentation, adding visual appeal and attracting customers.
  • Styling options: Choose from a variety of styling options to match your shop’s design theme, whether it’s classic, modern, or bespoke.
  • Durable materials: These awnings are built to last, with durable materials and construction ensuring longevity even in harsh weather conditions.
  • UV protection: They offer protection from harmful UV rays, helping to prevent sunburn and skin damage.
  • Branding options: Take advantage of branding opportunities with custom printing options, effectively promoting your shop and products to passersby, boosting visibility and foot traffic.
  • Unique pattern printing technology: Our unique pattern printing technology allows for customisable designs, including logos, graphics, or patterns, helping your shop stand out and increase brand recognition.
Victorian Awning for Neals Yard

Building shape & planning permission – choosing the correct awning solution

For a independent shop or retailer, this is the key decision, as your shop front is a major feature in enticing customers. Most times, the choice is open and is purely a question of preference, but sometimes your choice of shop awning is restricted because of structural considerations or you may be located in an area where planning permission is required. That is why the Commercial Awning Company are invaluable. We have the experience to handle any potential difficulties. We can custom-build your shop awnings to fit any irregular building profiles and we can also handle any planning permission issues.

Visit our Our Services section to see our full range of services.

Greenwich Awning for House of Books

Styling options for your awning – choosing an awning that works for you

Getting the style right for your shop awning is really important, with a lot of key decisions to be made. Firstly, there’s the choice of an awning or a canopy. There are also numerous stylistic options like having a valance or adding finials. The choice doesn’t end there, fabric colours or patterned backgrounds, metalwork and timber colour options and stains. Luckily, our design can make that process a lot easier. We will take on board your ideas and create an awning that you can fall in love with, equally, we are happy to collaborate with any visuals to get a stunning end result.

Visit our Services section to find out more.

Greenwich Awning for Exhibit A

Branding options for your shop awning or canopy to create kerb appeal

Awnings are the prime way of creating attention and showcasing your shop. Branding can be cool and clean or it can be big and bold, whatever best suits your shop and its personality, but it really needs to connect with your customer. We have many exciting branding options, that include a fully patterned awning or adding metallic guilding to an ident or logo. Our in-house design team can help to design your awning and give you exciting ideas and examples for branding.

Find out more about our Design service.

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