Our In-house Commercial Awning Services Team

Our design and branding team are bursting with clever ideas to make your shop, bar, pub, restaurant stand out from the crowd. We have a wide range of awning styles. From classic or contemporary, we’ve got the perfect awning.

Each awning is totally customisable – colours and finishes plus additional styling options. You can even have your very own pattern created for the awning fabric, so let your imagination run wild. All our awnings are hand-built in our London workshop. Our team are skilled craftsman and each awning is manufactured to the highest standards.

We use quality materials for the frame and metalwork to ensure our awnings are strong and reliable. And of course all our awnings are built to withstand the worst of the British weather!

Greenwich Awning for Exhibit A

Branding for your awning

To help you create an awning that is in line with your corporate identity.

We can incorporate into your awning full colour logos, brand specific colours, graphic elements, shop names, telephone numbers and even recreate photographs onto our awning fabric.

Using a variety of techniques to brand our fabrics including latest technologies such as digital printing or screen-printing. we also have skilled signwriters with years of experience. We believe our signwriters are among the most skilled in the country.

Designing your awning services

Canopy design

We are constantly seeking innovative materials and developing new production techniques when creating the latest canopy designs.

Our production design team work closely with customers, using the latest software to produce realistic awning design solutions.

Visual Services

Visuals for your awning design

We use the latest technology to create accurate visual mock-ups. We digitally impose awnings and canopies onto property images.

This is essential in giving you confidence when selecting the correct awning style, fabric colour or canopy branding designs. Apart from preventing costly mistakes, this is also useful for planning permission or listed building consent.

Renovating Services

Canopy & Awning Renovation

We are constantly seeking innovative We also offer an extensive awning and canopy renovation, repair and refurbishment service for recovering, restoring and cleaning canopies to give them a new lease of life.

Rather than replace it, The Commercial Awning Company are usually able to renovate and repair good quality canopies that are looking a bit worse for wear.

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