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Restaurant Awnings and Canopies – wide range of products with outdoor coverage solutions for terrace and al fresco

The Commercial Awning Company have been supplying restaurants, cafes, brasseries with awning solutions for over a decade. The needs for a restaurant has grown over the last few years, today, there is a necessity to maximise any external space with covered dining areas all year round.

Our in-house design team understands a restaurant owner or restaurant chains full needs. When it comes to styling your restaurant, the look of it really does count, whether it is to attract customers or to ensure your brand is promoted correctly. Our restaurant awnings come in all shapes and sizes and really add that defining personality. From big entrances like our RIB® Entrance Canopy, to classic fine dining with our traditional Victorian Awning, a sympathetic awning will always add to the dining experience.

If you are looking for trendy, or traditional, we cover it all. We have classic traditional-style awning solutions like the Victorian Awning or the Greenwich Awning or versatile folding-arm style awning solutions that can be automatically retracted like our Streamline Folding-Arm or the Robust Folding-Arm, depending on the weather. We also have a number of terrace and patio awning solutions that are modular structures and can be scaled to cover much larger spaces like the Markilux Pergola. We also have our Classic & Robust Parasol, heating and lighting and Classic Fabric Barriers.

Popular Restaurant Awnings & Awning Accessories:

Traditional Style

Folding-Arm Style


Terrace Awnings / Modular


Key considerations when choosing Restaurant Awnings

The Commercial Awning Company have been supplying awnings to restaurants, cafes and brasseries for over 10 years. We have a wealth of experience and practical advice that a restaurateur needs to consider if they are looking to replace or install new awnings. The sections below cover the main areas.

Restaurant Awnings & Canopies: Features & Benefits

  • Stylish designs: Restaurant Awnings & Canopies provide functional and stylish shading solutions for outdoor dining areas, enhancing the overall experience for customers.
  • Customisation options: Choose from a range of patterns and colours to promote your business.
  • Durable materials: Built to withstand the elements, these awnings and canopies are constructed with durable materials, ensuring long-lasting performance even in harsh weather conditions.
  • UV protection: They offer protection from harmful UV rays, helping to prevent sunburn and skin damage.
  • Branding options: Take advantage of branding opportunities with custom printing options, effectively promoting your restaurant to passersby and enhancing visibility.
  • Unique pattern printing technology: Our unique pattern printing technology allows for customisable designs, including logos, graphics, or patterns, helping your restaurant stand out and attract customers.
Streamline Folding-Arm Awning for Chicama

Styling options for your awning – choosing an awning that works for you

Getting the style right for your restaurant or cafe awning is really important, with a lot of key decisions to be made. Firstly, there’s the choice of an awning or a canopy. There are also numerous stylistic options like having a valance or adding finials. The choice doesn’t end there, fabric colours or patterned backgrounds, metalwork and timber colour options and stains. Luckily, our design can make that process a lot easier. We will take on board your ideas and create an awning that you can fall in love with, equally, we are happy to collaborate with any visuals to get a stunning end result.

Visit our Services section to find out more.

Victorian Awning for Aneto Cafe

Retractable awning solutions for covered outdoor dining, pavement areas & outdoor spaces – all year round

In recent years many restaurants, cafes and brasseries have expanded their capacity by converting the garden or terrace area into additional eating areas. With lighting, heaters and retractable awnings, these areas will provide year round usage. Our terrace awnings and garden awnings allow any type of space to be covered, through their modular design. We also have great solutions for pavement areas, like parasols, pergolas and fabric cafe barriers, that offer fantastic branding opportunity, as well as being really practical for establishing zones.

Visit our Our Awnings section to see our full range of options.

Branding options for your restaurant awning to make the right impression

Awnings are the prime way of creating attention and showcasing your pub or bar. Branding can be subtle and cool or it can be big, bold and engaging, whatever best suits your restaurant, it always needs to communicate with your target customer. We have many branding options that include a fully patterned awning or adding stylish metallic guilding. Our in-house design team can help to design your awning and give you exciting ideas and examples for branding. Branding can also be expanded out of the traditional awning, it can be utilised on entrance canopies, parasols and cafe barriers.

Find out more about our Design service.

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