Awning Manufacture – Bespoke Awnings Hand-crafted in our Workshop

All our awnings are hand-built in our London workshop. Each awning is different and built to your exact measurements and specifications. Our team are skilled craftsman and they ensure that all awning orders are manufactured to the highest standards.

For awning manufacture, we use only quality materials, high-grade hardwood for the box and frame and forged steel for the metalwork to ensure our awnings are incredibly strong, reliable and durable enough to deal with the worst of the British weather!

Every awning we manufacture is also totally customisable, the sections below explain what options you can use to make your awning really stand out on the high street.

Design options

We can help you achieve the perfect design for your awning. We have a Design Team who are clever and making attractive awnings.

There are just so many options available, from canvas colours, graphics eg. text and branding, guilding to creating your very own bespoke printed fabric. Give our team a call on 020 8853 4836 to find out more.

Style options

We pride ourselves in providing our customers with a great range of awning styles. From traditional Victorian-style shop awnings to Classic Dutch Canopies or stylish recessed solutions, like the SQ2.

Every awning is built by us to your exact requirements. This will involve a site visit to take all the essential measurements and to flag up any architectural considerations that affect the manufacture.

Customisation options

Apart from the awning style and design, you also have a number of other options available, as part of the overall manufacturing process. These include; valances, brackets and shoes, arm styles, finials and operational opening options eg. remote control or hand-crank.

Our aim is to make the best awning for your business and to achieve that, we have a team that is hugely experienced in the whole process. Call today, to find out more!

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